“Poetry – It is a private solitude made public.” Lawrence Ferlinghetti

not on my list…Aug.10.13

Tonight Luna is waxing huge, looks pasted
against a cerulean sky
As ornamental as a decoration there
For once there is little breeze and still
I swear
I hear whispering in the grasses…perhaps
the tiniest of beings are about…field-mice,
voles, maybe shrews
I’m not above believing in fairies actually
Or angels come to that, but they tend to
make more noise,in my experience…
Still over all, Luna keeps careful watch;
I trust her to keep the peace.



Looking east from south edge of Jasper Avenue March 30, 2009

Jen K #36 Au5 5/13

On the lip of the Arctic Circle this
northernmost provincial capital sits
proudly atop hidden cliffs over-
looking a grand serpentining
river that neatly bisects the city…
There’s no dividing the people here;
a myriad of bridges carries them
across the North Saskatchewan —
by foot, cycle, car, bus, train —
they gather centrally in the square,
at Parliament, at the festivals.
They get together, they do…


Dinosaur Forest Oct. 2012 10-6-2012 8-43-19 PM

To Marit S #32  Aug.1/13

In a land shiny with new
I stroll where giants strode
Their bones still being found
here and their skeletons on
display permanently in museums…
Such gargantuan monstrosities
are hard to imagine until one
visits the badlands where they
were dwarfed by cliffs, hoodoos,
and Alberta’s famous cerulean
‘big sky’ canvas stretching
overhead forever…
If I listen carefully enough, I
hear them roaring on the wind.


View from Edmonton Queen 09.08
Carol B #38 Aug. 7.2013

High above the North Saskatchewan
the Grande Dame MacDonald
sits regally and welcoming,
Kitty-corner to the fed’s pink palace,
a crystal-tiered show-place…
City hall sports its own pyramid
And a carillon of Dutch bells rings
time with musical verve,
pronounces, “World-class city here”



Rochelle N #37 Aug.6.2013

Sol spills a bucket of paint in great
swaths over this land
Brilliant expanses of canary-yellow
follow the foothills and prairies alike
Interspersed with grains of all hues
A natural quilt held in place by the
seams of rivers and streams,
and the cattle and horses that dot the
landscape in all directions
And over all, the indefatigable
blue of big sky Alberta…



Sherry S #41 Aug.10.13

“Poetry, the perfume of resistance.” Lawrence Ferlinghetti

At dusk, at the time when it’s neither day
nor night and the lake whispers secrets
indecipherable but close to what you think
you need to hear
There are rumours on the wind and much
as you might like to ignore them
and go inside, lay down your weary head
Each evening you find it more impossible
Find yourself nodding off on the deck…


leaflesstreetopsscratchthesky (2)

Sandra/Czandra S #40 Aug.9.13

I was laying by the river, trailing my
hand in the water, hoping to tickle a
fish or two
It was so peaceful and quiet, no wind
to speak of, not even a breeze
I began looking straight overhead
And in the silence I started to hear them
The denuded trees – late Fall aspens I
think, although they might have been
birches or poplars
It was hard to tell, they were so starkly
black against the white pre-winter sky
But clearly, they were scratching
At first I thought they were rubbing
against each other but no, not close
It was the sky they scratched
Clearly, as if they had nails, they reached
up and scratched away…it was lovely



Trevor S C #39 Aug.8/13

In a Wilderness Science Park not far
from here, there’s a natural portal formed
where willows bend themselves into
a bit of a tunnel
If you should step through, you will hear
humming – something akin to millions
of bees singing
Don’t count on coming back; it’s the song
of sirens and it’s irresistible


sunrise over J.A Fyfe (2)

Lisa C #35  Aug.4/13

Over a field nearby my house, I catch
a glimpse of the sun rising and am
caught breathless
Like an old master’s painting, pastels
play out across the sky with hues
changing in kaleidoscopic
Fashion, so rapidly, I fumble with my
camera to try and record some of the
unexpected beauty
One lone skeletal tree, stands in black
contrast to all the beauty…