wee frog

To M.Merrill #47 Aug. 16/13

“Be an eye among the blind” Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A watershed year your returning here;
and were you able to still the bellows
that belie the beating of your tiny heart
You might have gone unnoticed so
well camouflaged were you amongst
the stones dwarfing your miniature self
Then, panicking, a few of your brethren
hopped madly for the river, disappearing
in a thrice to the silty bottom there
And you, played dead so well I thought
perhaps you were; I cupped you then,
held you gently for mere seconds just
to check, then lowered you to the water
It was then I saw the babies – tens of
thousands, tadpoles confirming new life
darting off in multitudinous directions
For a moment I believed in God…


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