Here’s a photo of the cards I received since the last photo posted (including one or two that I don’t have signatures for: that would be, The Two Fridas, plus the black and white, “Waiting for a Friend”…)


As promised, I am releasing the rest of the poems (and cards) I sent out this year, as of today…are the numbers still crazy, enigmatic and screwed up? Totally. In fact, even more confusing than I thought as they are intermingled with last year’s postcards I see. I wish I’d figured out a way to address that before posting all of these, but I didn’t so…if you’re hunting for your card…use the quote as a title and it should be pretty able to find…or search using your own name…same deal. Good luck.

Again, many thanks to Paul Nelson for organizing this event and keeping us all motivated. It’s probably one of the most inspiring things I do all year and I like getting to know so many people/poets in this interesting way. Thanks to all of you who partake. I’m already looking forward to next year.

To clarify an already muddy situation … to get to the postcards and/or poems (if the titles and/or numbers don’t appear) click on the months in the menu to right…and you should be able to find them from there. Again, good luck.



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