Come September, the Poems and Postcards sent in August 2015

POSTCARD PHOTOS for poems - web lrg 1st setFor the third year in a row…I’m taking part in the wonderful Postcard Challenge … a poem-a-day on a postcard, a different one each day to a different person on a list from founder Paul Nelson, and sending it to said person … thirty-one different souls around the globe. And in return, I will receive (hopefully) thirty-one cards from the thirty-one named persons above mine on the list…

One of the neatest experiences of which I’ve had the good fortune to partake…stay tuned for more information.

Oh – I’m writing this on August 6th and I’ve already received four cards! And yes, that’s a record for me. How many have I sent? Nevah mind…One cool thing, though … all of my cards this year are professionally printed cards made from my own photos … let me see if I can find the collage photo of the first half ….


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